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C365Cloud Can Easily Manage Your Fire Door Safety Regulations.

It is crucial to comply with fire door regulations, with C365Cloud we can administer the appropriate fire safety to your specific needs.

As we are currently supporting Fire Door Safety Week 2022, we wanted to bring to attention the significance of Fire Door Safety and explain how our solutions can help you manage regulations.


A fire doors design, both open and closed, is an active safe keeping system within a structure which is why sustaining and complying with a number of specified regulations is vital for it to be affective.

Here at C365Cloud we understand that managing every fire door and what regulations come with those within a building, no matter the size, can be difficult and tedious administration coincides with this.

We have made our system easy to navigate and what we like to call the 3 click rule where managing the site and dashboard information can be found within 3 clicks. This comes with full IT support available to make sure you are completely assisted if needed.  So, with our system your fire door compliance is undoubtably managed!

Our system offers:

Interactive Floor Plan

With C365Cloud we offer visual aid with compliance as an interactive floor plan. This key feature allows you to interact with structures and spotlight each fire door location where all the information of management corresponding with that specific door will be available. This AutoCAD interface will completely support your organisation when locating and anticipating risks and acting as a visual material assistance, it makes mapping straightforward to navigate and manage.

Asset Management

As well as an interactive floor plan, C365Cloud has asset management database solutions to audit, manage and control assets with minimal administration. We will be able to create personal asset registers which will hold a full inventory, compiling your selected assets and selected asset tags in the form of either QR Codes, Barcodes and/or RFID tags. This feature allows for you to scan them with your mobile at whichever fire door you have chosen to use this feature on within your building,

 Building Safety Case

As fire doors are imperative to the safety of a property, we know how important it is, in present circumstances, to build, comply with, and maintain a Building Safety Case (BSC) especially with updated regulations that should come into force in the new year. At C365Cloud we offer a BSC module systematised to our customer’s needs. Our system automatically generates a PDF BSC Report all completely branded to suit and coincide personally with your organisation which includes company logo and company colours.

Taking into consideration all of the modules that we offer factored into our solutions, at C365Cloud we want to optimise the way in which you would manage your fire door safety compliance better and efficiently.

How can we help?

With C365Clouds system we can help you prioritise the safety of your property by providing the tools to help manage compliance, equipped to your personal policies and procedures, so you can ensure you are complying with the fire door safety regulations. Visit our contact us page to request your personalised demo by clicking here.








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